Give your family the gift of basic estate planning

Did you know that nearly two thirds of Americans haven't even done basic estate planning? 

There is often a mountain of paperwork that needs to be dealt with when a loved one passes away.  Did you know that you have to file taxes for someone after they die?  Or pay their bills on time to avoid penalties?

You can remove a lot of the burden on your family by taking these simple steps:

  • Update the contact and beneficiary information on all of your important accounts (retirement, investment, insurances), then set a calendar reminder to check it yearly for accuracy.
  • Take inventory of all your assets and expenses and keep them in a safe place with your important documents.
  • Complete an Advance Health Care Directive with your desired medical and end-of-life instructions.
  • Select someone to serve as executor or trustee to oversee your estate.
  • Review your assets and medical wishes with your executor or trustee and then store the information somewhere secure.

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